Esquire Magazine Hate Literature


The text at the top of the frame reads as follows: "Timothy McVeigh, Randy Weaver, Sons of Gestapo, and G. Gordon Liddy order you to conspire with them at the . . . M*I*L*I*T*I*A C*A*F*E . . ."

Text at the bottom of the frame reads as follows: "New York - Los Angeles - Sarajevo - Boise . . . You Bring the Appetite. We'll Provide the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms".

This Waco hate cartoon appeared in the January, 1996 issue of Esquire Magazine, page 66. There is no surrounding context on the page. The cartoon is not signed. The four text blocks at the sides of the picture may be expanded by clicking on them.

The editorial board of the Esquire Magazine as listed on the masthead of this issue is as follows (partial listing):

Arnold Gingrich (1 9 0 3 - 1 9 7 6) Founding Editor
Edward Kosner
Editor in Chief
Linda Nardi
David Hirshey
Roger Black
Managing Editor
Deputy Editor
Design Director
Anita Leclerc
Bill Tonelli
Michael Solomon
Executive Editor
Articles Editor
Features Editor
Woody Hochswender, Mark Warren (Research)
Senior Editors
Michael Gross, Randall Rothenberg, John Taylor, Bill Zehme
Senior Writers
Rust Hills
Will Blythe
Fiction Editor
Literary Editor
Erika Mansourian (literary), Eric Perret Associate Editors
Ben Dickinson, Colette McNulty Assistant Editors
William Georgiades, Daniel Steinman Editorial Assistants
Fran Kessler Special Assistant to the Editor in Chief
 A R T
Amid Capeci
Marianne Butler
Deputy Art Director
Picture Editor
Michael Mrak 
 Danielle Place
Cricket Lengyel 
David De Filippis
Assistant Art Director
 AssistantPicture Editor 
Picture Researcher 
Art Department Manager
Robert E. Beauchamp 
  John Mather 
Tony Melillo
Camille Cozzone
Editorial Fashion Director
Fashion Director
Style Director
Fashion Features Editor
Gaillermo Zatamea Associate Fashion Editor
Victoria Ruggiero
Kay Chun, Ken Gawrych
Jennifer Roth
Editorial Production
Editorial Production
Editorial Production
John Kenney
Yeun Littlefield
Michael J. Agovino, Mark Miller
Copy Editor
Associate Copy Editor
Assistant Copy Editors
Adam Christopher Fisher, Devin Friedman
Research Assistants
C O N T R I B U T I N G   E D I T O R S
Michael Angeli, Julie Baumgold, John Berendt, David Blum, John Ed Bradley,
Chip Brown, William Broyles Jr., Christopher Byron, Philip Caputo, E. Jean Carroll,
Lynn Darling, Lewis Grossberger, Pete Hamill, Mark Jacobson, Gregory Jaynes, Donald Katz,
Elizabeth Kaye, Mark Kram, Mike Lupica, Peter Maas, Jamie Malanowski, Guy Martin, Phil Patton,
George Plimpton, Gil Schwartz, Tony Schwartz, Michael Segell, Martha Sherrill,
Ivan Solotaroff, Doug Stanton, Gay Talese, Philip Weiss, Tom Wolfe,
John Mariani Food & Travel Correspondent Walter Shapiro White House Correspondent
Richard Ben Cramer Special Correspondent Jeannette Walls Reality Check Columnist
Peter Vertes Editorial Publicity Director
E S Q U I R E   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   E D I T I O N S
Alan ZieYongder Hong Kong MitsuoYamada Japan Jan H.Weduwer Netherlands
Min Chun Chang Taiwan Leyla Ipekci Turkey Rossie Boycott United Kingodom
Editors in Chief
Kim St. Clair Bodden Director, Hearst International Editions
Lawrence C. Burstein
Publishing Director
Susan D. Plagemann
Advertising Director
[list of subordinate editors omitted]

 Joann Fontaine
Assistant to the
Publishing Director
Frank A. Bennack, Jr.
Randolph A. Hearst
Gilbert C. Maurer
President &
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Vice-President &
Chief Operating Officer
H E A R S T  M A G A Z I N E S  D I V I S I 0 N
D. Claeys Bahrenburg
L Robert Brink, 
Mark F. Miller
Daniel E. Zucchi
Richard E. Deems
Executive Vice-Presidents
Senior Vice-President
Publishing Consultant
Published at 250 West Fifty-fifth Street, New York, NY 10019.  Editorial offices: (212) 649-4020.
Advertising offices: (212) 649-4050  FAX: (212) 265-0938.  For subscriptions and address changes write to
Esquire, PO.  Box 7146, Red Oak, IA 51591, or call (800) 888-5400 or (515) 282-1607.  PRINTED IN THE U.S.A.

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